Maurice's classic cars
Maurice's classic cars

Troy family facts.

Since 2001 the website has been running and the vehicle pages have been very popular. Now on this website I shall be adding some of our other vehicles.You can find more about us on the UK web site if you wish.

There will be more on the origin and Troy family history in New Zealand soon.


My latest 2018 Classic car restoration which started during 2017.

I have always done all my restorations myself except this one below which is being done by Alexandra Auto Body Fabrication Ltd. Below is my latest 1960 Renault Floride.


Engine removal is quite easy, complete and able to wheel around. The car ran smooth and straight at over 100 kph so just needs restoration. 

Aug 2017 cluster gear first gear teeth repaired.

Oct 2017 Bottom pics of restored engine. April 2018 engine and dash in car. June 2018 soon ready for compliance. Passed complaince in Aug 2018




Body was completely stripped down. The chassis was the problem.

Aug 2017 gearbox completely stripped and rebuilt. Oct 2017 Engine reassymbled. April 2018 wiring harness fitted.Seats in. June 2018 Head lights fitted and all electrics work. Back home with my other Floride in Aug 2018.



of the

Everything worked on this car before we started working on it and all completely original. 

Aug engine looking good. Oct2017 Nice clean inlet and exhaust.April 2018 wheels and brakes finished.June 2018 Doors perfect.Will be ready for compliance test during July 2018. In my garden at last during Aug 2018.




Really strong chassis now with good jacking points.Aug engine painted in Renault colour. Oct 2017 Reconditioned gearbox refitted.April 2018 started on interior. Kevin and Graham fitting soft top. June 2018 hard top lining fitted and top now red. Compliance passed Aug 2018. A beautiful car now. A magazine write up about my cars being done soon.




Car body has been acid dipped  (June 2017) to bare metal. Primed all over and body and chassis now beautiful. Aug 2017 engine refirbushed. Oct 2017. Back axle and transmission fitted on shiny engine.

Feb 2018 car in 2 pack cubicle.March 2018 engine and shiny gearbox fitted. June 2018 me in drivers seat rearing to go. My three classics together on my lawn Aug 2018.



My Renault Floride story will be completed soon.......


My love of the Renault Floride began where I was born and grew up on the island of Jersey in the Channel Islands. It was 1964 when I first saw a 1960 Renault Floride that was for sale at Bel Royal Motors which happened to be the only one on Jersey at the time. I bought the car for £395 and have loved the Floride’s ever since.


There were only 49,716 Renault Floride’s produced and only a fraction of them were RHD.

The total production of Floride/Caravelle (type R) beginning frequency with (1092) in March of 1959 through to the 1131 (February 1962) and to the 1133 (beginning in June 1963) was 117,113 cars. Of that number 33,171 were 1131 and 34,226 were 1133 cars. The last 3000 cars produced had seat belts, tachometers and Weber carburettors as standard equipment. Production ceased in 1968. Only the Floride had side air intakes.

49,716 Floride’s produced type R1092

67,397 Caravelle’s produced type R1131 and R1133


Total of 117,113 worldwide


My two are the original R1092 Type


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