Maurice's classic cars
Maurice's classic cars

Troy family facts.

Since 2001 the website has been running and the vehicle pages have been very popular. Now on this website I shall be adding some of my other vehicles.You can find more about us on the UK web site if you wish.

There will be more on the origin and Troy family history in New Zealand soon.


My latest completed 2021 Classic car restoration.

I have always done all my restorations myself except this one below which has done by Alexandra Auto Body Fabrication Ltd.

Below now finished in March 2021 is my latest completed 1960 Renault Floride restoration.


Engine removal is quite easy, complete and able to wheel around. The car ran smooth and straight at over 100 kph so just needs restoration. 

Aug 2017 cluster gear first gear teeth repaired.

Oct 2017 Bottom pics of restored engine. April 2018 engine and dash in car. June 2018 soon ready for compliance. Passed complaince in Aug 2018




Body was completely stripped down. The chassis was the problem.

Aug 2017 gearbox completely stripped and rebuilt. Oct 2017 Engine reassymbled. April 2018 wiring harness fitted.Seats in. June 2018 Head lights fitted and all electrics work. Back home with my other Floride in Aug 2018.



of the

Everything worked on this car before we started working on it and all completely original. 

Aug engine looking good. Oct 2017 Nice clean inlet and exhaust.April 2018 wheels and brakes finished.June 2018 Doors perfect.Will be ready for compliance test during July 2018. In my garden at last during Aug 2018.




Really strong chassis now with good jacking points.Aug engine painted in Renault colour. Oct 2017 Reconditioned gearbox refitted.April 2018 started on interior. Kevin and Graham fitting soft top. June 2018 hard top lining fitted and top now red. Compliance passed Aug 2018. A beautiful car now. A magazine write up about my cars being done soon.




Car body has been acid dipped  (June 2017) to bare metal. Primed all over and body and chassis now beautiful. Aug 2017 engine refirbushed. Oct 2017. Back axle and transmission fitted on shiny engine.

Feb 2018 car in 2 pack cubicle.March 2018 engine and shiny gearbox fitted. June 2018 me in drivers seat rearing to go. My three classics together on my lawn Aug 2018.



My Renault Floride story will be completed soon.......


My love of the Renault Floride began where I was born and grew up on the island of Jersey in the Channel Islands. It was 1964 when I first saw a 1960 Renault Floride that was for sale at Bel Royal Motors which happened to be the only one on Jersey at the time. I bought the car for £395 and have loved the Floride’s ever since.


There were only 49,716 Renault Floride’s produced and only a fraction of them were RHD.

The total production of Floride/Caravelle (type R) beginning frequency with (1092) in March of 1959 through to the 1131 (February 1962) and to the 1133 (beginning in June 1963) was 117,113 cars. Of that number 33,171 were 1131 and 34,226 were 1133 cars. The last 3000 cars produced had seat belts, tachometers and Weber carburettors as standard equipment. Production ceased in 1968. Only the Floride had side air intakes.

49,716 Floride’s produced type R1092

67,397 Caravelle’s produced type R1131 and R1133


Total of 117,113 worldwide


My three Renault Florides are the original R1092 Type




My 1960 Renault Floride was purchased from the owner Mr P. Carney through Kelvin Jones Motorsport Ltd, Liverpool, England UK also in 2016. It was completely original, UK registered and partially restored. Five owners since new and had been in the same Carney family for the last 26 years. Driveable and everything worked on the car.

Original UK advert for car.

1960 Renault Floride 845cc, Very Rare RHD Floride UK registered car.

Full history file with MOT’s from 1966 to date, the same family for the last 26 years. Has its original brown log book, hand book etc. included.

Recent UK work completed for the MOT include new shockers, brakes, rebuilt and re sealed fuel tank, brake lines, fuel lines, kingpins and full engine service. The car has original hard top. This car has been dry stored for the last 15 years and after we did the mechanical work for the MOT it is ready for a new family. It needs some TLC to make 100%, paint, a new hood and re chrome work. The interior is totally original.

I shipped it to New Zealand in May 2016 a month after the identical one from Australia had been shipped.Joe at McCullough Shipping arranged complete transportation from Liverpool UK to Noel at Nostalgia Motors NZ where Noel must have thought he was seeing double (the other exact same colour Renault had just left) and I was advised that after a compliance inspection it was found to have a rusted chassis, engine would not run properly as needed a new distributor, gearbox rumble and needed quite a lot of work to be compliant for New Zealand. Noel at Nostalgia Motors was too busy to do the rust so I arranged for Wilson Towing to pick the car up and take it to Steve at Sticky Automotive Ltd. Within a morning Steve had the car running beautifully and able to coast at 100kpm up and down Kaipaki road. There was still a problem with first gear being noisy. Then it was off to Kevin Gawne at Alexandra Auto body Fabrication Ltd and after seeing the quality of work Kevin and Graham were doing I decided to embark on a complete nut and bolt restoration rather than just what was needed for compliance. Starting in March 2017 the car was completely stripped and all the chassis and body was restored to a high standard by Graham Meanie of Alexandra Auto body Fabrication under the compliant guidance of NZ certifier Barry Robertson. Kevin at Alexandra Motors went completely through all the running gear and I ordered parts needed from Jacques at Renault Parts USA who was very helpful. Although work had been done in the UK there were still bushes, bearings, radiator etc. that had to be done. The Gearbox was stripped by Brian at Rocket Transmission and the chipped first gear cog was repaired by Dualloy Gears in Christchurch. New gearbox bearings were fitted by Brian at the rebuild at the same time as a precaution. The gearbox is the same that was in the Cooper Climax Racing cars that Jack Brabham and Bruce Mclaren used to drive in the late fifties early sixties.

The chassis and body was now structurally sound and the complete body was dipped in acid at Kiwi Metal Polishers in Rotoroa. Then after its return to Alexandra Motors Graham was able to do all the finishing touches to the metal work as it was completely exposed, also add protection to the inside of all the hidden parts of the chassis. Then it was off to Winter Mitchell for a complete two coat respray in the original colours Kilimanjaro white and Trinidad red. A special coating for the underneath was done and again for the inside floor and interior.

The car was returned to Kevin and Graham at Alexandra Auto body Fabrication Ltd for the rebuild. Everything done is listed with photos and costs by me if anyone wishes to see. A six figure sum had been reached at this point.

Now the worst part of the whole process was to come and that was the Compliance and registering of my vehicle. There are apparently only nine RHD Floride’s registered on the road in the world and being unusual made it difficult for NZTA in NZ.

My Renault was finally finished and went back for compliance at Nostalgia Motors but they said the ‘8’ in my chassis number looked like an ‘S’ so I had  to send loads of my original paper work to their NZTA head office to query it as it does not match the historical records of the car. On the 1960’s Renaults Floride’s the chassis number is cut out of a thin tin foil plate riveted to the body and it is obvious that if a complete 8 was cut the number would fall out; hence it happens to look like an ‘S’. All my 58 year old paper work including the its first original brown UK log book, UK V5 form, past UK MOT's, shipping, customs UK and NZ, MAF NZ etc. shows it as an ‘8’ which is correct.

Unfortunately when both cars arrived in 2016 as stated above the compliance garage (Nostalgia Motors) that checked it used the chassis number of my identical compliant previous registered Renault that had arrived the month before by mistake, charged me for the failed inspection but did not register this second Floride on the NZTA government system. It could have been because my identical Renault had just complied three weeks before. Now after the two year full restoration because it was not recorded at the time of the first failed compliance test NZTA want to make sure there is no fraud taking place. Alexandra’s own NZTA compliance certifier Barry Robinson checked and advised my car periodically as work progressed all through the restoration. NZTA said they would not examine the car for compliance until paper work was done and I have to pay $184 an hour to their head office for them to approve my chassis number. I did research and provide a lot of evidence to them; it was common sense really and caused a lot of delay and worry.

I looked at the classic Renault Floride chassis numbers on line and none have a letter in their chassis number, there were only 49,716 Floride’s ever made of type 1092. It was not until I contacted Renault Head Office in France and they instructed the Renault NZ manager Chris Carter to arrange an official letter for me to give to NZTA as evidence from the Renault Asia-Pacific Service manager in Hong Kong, before it was accepted. See below



Groupe Renault


Renault Asia Pacific Limited 28-30/F, Hopewel l Centre, 1 8 3 Qu e e n ’ s Ro a d East, Wan Chai , Hong Kong Phone: +852 3948 0005 – t .com 183 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


4th July 2018


For the attention of NZ Transport Agency


Subject: Chassis Number Renault Floride 0021782


Dear Sir or Madame,

This letter certifies that Renault Floride vehicle (Type R1092) chassis numbers do not contain letters, and only contain numbers. Due to the age of the car, some numbers may appear like letter especially the number 8.



Samuel Choukroun

Area Service Manager

Renault Asia-Pacific


I immediately emailed this letter to the NZTA and the next morning received approval to take my car back in for compliance testing.

It went for compliance during July 2018 but failed as the brand new original Renault sun visors I brought were too stiff, one wheel bearing slightly worn, one king pin with slight movement, headlights slightly too low, indicators flash quicker one side than the other, have to change the new brake pipes that are fitted as they must not be braded, certification certificate needed from the professional NZ brake shoe suppliers and diameter of brake drums specification required. Went back again for the compliance check on August 1st 2018

I was told it had passed when I went in to sign the LVV (low volume vehicle) certificate for the seat belts but next day NZTA inspector told me it had not passed because the brake drums were 2mm out of specification as shown in my original workshop manual I provided. They wanted me to find some new brake drums but I asked if they would check on my previous identical compliant Floride they had previously passed to see what measurement that had. They were not aware they had passed my other identical car. The next day I received a phone call from Nostalgia to say it was now fully compliant and did not need new brake drums. On this car (but !not the other) they have also etched the VIN number on the back window of my hard top which is annoying and I feel might cause a problem if I put the wrong top on the other car as they are exactly the same colour, identical and interchangeable. They did it because they thought it was a saloon and did not notice it was a convertible when inspecting. When I received the new NZ registration certificate showed it as a saloon which it is not so I contacted NZTA directly and they issued a new certificate for me.


Renault Floride”s never had seat belts originally but vehicles after 1955 have to have seat belts fitted in NZ so being a convertible I decided to have red lap belts. I was not aware of the compliance $780 NZTA charge to allow this decision till I had paid to have them fitted. The previous car had three point belts fitted and no charge from NZTA required for them.

However it passed and after an engine tune up by me it is finally finished.

The car is registered and insured for the road and looks beautiful.

 Car back home 13th Aug 2018 but a few more things to do.

Only disappointment was the two original concave headlamps went missing. They were in poor condition but were needed to purchase new originals. They were replaced by two new convex headlamps.

In June 2020 the engine was completely stripped (new oil pump, water pump, wet liners, pistons, valves etc ) and a complete rebuild has been done.

I had a new soft top made for this car from France which was fitted in March 2021, Restoration mow complete.


I am a member of the Waikato Veteran and Vintage Car Club ( ) of NZ

and the Hamilton Vintage & Classic Car Club ( ).


Acknowledgements go to:


Full list to follow soon.......


Costs to follow soon............



My 1961 Renault Floride  was purchased from the Gosford Motor Museum in Sydney Australia in 2016 a few months before it's grand opening. Unfortunately in 2019 it closed down. The car had a full concourse restoration around 2012 to original specifications and was fully compliant for the roads in Australia at the time of purchase.

I shipped it to New Zealand in April 2016 using McCullough shipping where they arranged it to be delivered to Nostalgia Motors for compliance. Even though it was in concourse condition and registered for the roads in Australia a few things had to be done on the car to comply in New Zealand. I had just missed buying it in Feb 2016 as I saw the advert one week too late and contacted the seller who told me a new soon to open Sydney motor museum had bought it. I contacted the museum and negotiated with them for a price they would accept and paid quite bit more for them to reluctantly sell it to me. I have all the restoration photos, record of all work done and complete costs for this car. In April 2017 this car won People’s Choice at the TAMVEG car show at Albert Park, Te Awamutu. It is a beautiful car.


My latest 1959 Renault Floride  was purchased in March 2021 in NZ. Dry stored since 1991 it will be for a classic EV restoration.
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