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New Zealand Troy Family research

I'm currently working on the Troy family history in New Zealand that includes all our distant family relatives. However, getting the genealogical research right takes a lot of time and patience. That's why it will still be a while before I can present the family research to you.

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I have begun my New Zealand research below. Lots more to come.




Troy Family

New Zealand births from 1863 to 1917.


Date             Name                               Mother                   Father (surname Troy)


1863 Theodore Morgan                       Fanny                     Michael

1877  Timothy                                     Mary                      Timothy

1883  Margaret Josephine                    Mary                      Timothy

1884  Esther Francis                            Helen Mary            John George

1887  Mary Cecelia                             Margaret                Thomas

1890  Ellenora                                     Margaret                Thomas

1891  Mary Bridget Josephine            Bridget                   James

1892  Margaret                                    Margaret                Thomas

1895  James John  d 1947                   Bridget                   James

1897  Mary Elizabeth Eileen               Helen Seaton         Patrick Francis

1897  Carrie                                         Bridget                   James

1898  Leonard                                     May                       Robert John

1899  Stuart Patrick                             Helen Seton           Patrick Francis

1903  Elizabeth Nora                           Mary Ann              Robert John

1905  Constance                                  Mary                      Robert John

1905  Ellen                                          Mary                      Robert John

( I think the above entry is Ellen Constance as shown in the deaths or else twins who died)

1911  Helen Amilda                            Mary Ann              John

1913  John Thomas Duggan                Mary Ann              John

1915  Thomas Patrick                          Catherine               John Charles

1917  William Francis                         Mary Ann              John



Troy Family

Deaths in New Zealand 1873 to 1912



Date                Family Name               Given Name(s)            Age at Death  


1873                Troy                             Michel                                      50

1875                Troy                             Timothy                                   18 months

1877                Troy                             Timothy                                   6 months

1885                Troy                             Joseph                                     22

1889                Troy                             Margaret                                  31

1898                Troy                             Mary                                        56

1901                Troy                             Leonard                                   2

1902                Troy                             Michael                                    42

1903                Troy                             Thomas                                   66

1903                Troy                             Bridget                                     68

1904                Troy                             Edward                                    42

1905                Troy                             Emily                                       14

1905                Troy                             Ellen Constance                      12

1908                Troy                             Patrick                                     54

1910                Troy                             Timothy                                   69

1910                Troy                             Michael Joseph Patrick           90

1912                Troy                             Thomas R                               35










Troy Family

New Zealand female Troy Marriages 1875 to 1925


Date    Brides given                Family            Groom’s given                Groom’s

             Name(s)                      Name                          Name                   Name 


1875    Mary Ellen                  Troy                            Charles                        Parker

1876    Margaret                     Troy                            James                          Marshall

1878    Mary                           Troy                            Robert                         Morris

1880    Mary                           Troy                            Robert                         Carroll

1885    Johanna                       Troy                            William                      Hamilton

1887    Johanna Mary             Troy                            Robert Ewir                Vaney

1897    Mary                           Troy                            John Francis           O'Donnell

1906    Amy    Helen              Troy                            Alan Bruce                  Saunders

1912    May Josephine            Troy                            Frederick Thomas      Tietjens

1919    Carrie                          Troy                            Albert Lawrence      Knowsley

1920    Mary Elizabeth           Troy                            John                            Stodart


1921    Alice                           Troy                            George Joseph              Bell

1925    Nora Elizabeth            Troy                            Henry George             Ticehurst



Troy Family

New Zealand maleTroy marriages 1863 to 1937


Year                      Bride’s maiden name                                   Groom’s name (Troy)

1863                     Fanny                   Morgan                               Michael              Troy

1886                     Margaret             O'Donnell                           Thomas                 Troy

1869                     Bridget                 Hickey                                 Thos                   Troy

1890                     Bridget                 Cussen                                James                   Troy

1896                     Helena Seaton    Dickson                               Patrick Francis      Troy

1903                     Mary Ann             Woolsey                             Robert John          Troy

1909                     Mary Ann             McCabe                              John                      Troy

1921                     Winifred Rose    O'Kane                                William                  Troy

1922                     Amy Louise         Edwards                              James                    Troy

1924                     Honora May       Condon                               James John             Troy

1930                     Alma Evelyn        Cooper                                Leonard John        Troy

1937                     Doris Emma        Davey                                  Stuart Patrick        Troy






Troy family

Settlers in New Zealand during the 19th century


Patrick Troy aged 19 a labourer arrived in Auckland in 1874 on the ship Oxford.

Timothy Troy aged 31 a labourer arrived in Wellington in 1875 on the ship Rodney

Mary Troy aged 30 his wife arrived in Wellington in in 1875 on the ship Rodney

James Troy aged 9 their son arrived in Wellington in 1875 on the ship Rodney

Michael Troy aged 20 a labourer arrived in Wellington in 1876 on the ship Waimea.

Mary Troy age unknown arrived in Wellington in 1876 on the ship Waimea.



Please note: Wellington cemetery

TROY, Timothy - 11 Sep 1875 aged 18 months

Timothy died at the Immigration Depot on Somes Island, 2 weeks after arriving. He was born in County Limerick in 1874 and emigrated to New Zealand on the 'Rodney', (which arrived in Wellington 29 August 1875) with his parents Timothy TROY (1841-1910) & Mary O'CONNELL (1842-1898) and a 9 year old brother James Troy. Timothy & Mary had 3 other children back in Limerick who arrived the following year with Timothy's (snr) two siblings, Mary and Michael Troy on the 'Waimea'.

Timothy & Mary moved up to Turakina, Wanganui and had 2 more children, Timothy Troy (1877-1877 who died aged 6 months) & Margaret Josehine Troy (1883-1921 who died in Kaikoura)



New Zealand's 25th Infantry battalion WW2

Corporal John Dermot Troy Service Number 32706

Died aged 24 as a POW in Germany on 24/5/1942

Buried at the Klagenfurt war cemetery  in Austria


Son of John Charles and Catherine Troy, of Wellington City, New Zealand.

Younger brother of Thomas Patrick b1915





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